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Why use Life Chats.
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Life Chat - The Detail

I try and keep the whole process as simple as possible.

As you can probably understand it's impossible to capture a persons whole life in just a couple of hours (even if they are only 7 years old ;-).

What I am trying to do is capture the essence of the person(s), by guiding them to tell us the stories that are important to them.

Step 1. On-line purchase a Gift Voucher or contact us to make a booking.

Gift Voucher. If you are purchasing a Chat as a gift, simply hit the Purchase button above, select the type of Chat and select Voucher.

You will then be sent a Gift Voucher (via email) you can present to the lucky recipient(s).

Book in your ChatTo purchase a Chat for your self or to book in a time for a Gift Voucher  simply call me (Ange) on 0419933877 or email me at ange@lifechats.com.au.

Step 2. Visit the studio

The person(s)  being interviewed will meet me in our professional video studio in Milsons Point, North Sydney. (Close to the train and 5 minutes from the city)

They don't have to prepare anything before they come in.

I'll sit them down (make a couple of adjustment to lights, mics and cameras) and we'll start chatting.

They will be the only one on camera. The focus is all about them. I'll sit off to the side of the cameras and we'll just chat, like we were sitting  around the kitchen table.

I've designed a framework of questions to help guide them.

For a Life Chat I will chronologically guide them through their life - encouraging them to focus on the areas, events and people that were and are important to them. We'll chat for 2 hours. Finished video will be about 90 minutes.

For a Couples Chat I will guide them through how they met and all things import in their relationship. We'll chat for 30 minutes with each person, separately - 1 hour in total. Finished video will be about 40 minutes.

For a Kids Chat I will guide them through their early memories, perceptions and hopes and dreams for their future. We will chat for 45 minutes.Finished video will be about 25 minutes.

Based on past experience, the time will fly. Everyone is always surprised when the time is up and what an enjoyable experience it has been. Well, how often do you get to talk about your self - without interruption 😉

Step 3. Edit the video and send it to you

We'll edit the video together, cutting between the two cameras. But, critically we won't cut out any of the answers given (unless specifically asked).

We will then upload the HD video onto a secure private site and provide a secure link to so the master video can be downloaded by the recipient.

Step 4. Love your chat

Cherish the "chat" for the rest of your life.

The video can be copied and shared ONLY at the recipients discretion.


Once you have had a chance to watch the video you may choose to;

  • add in photos/ videos
  • music
  • text
  • re-edit
  • add in another session in the studio

A quote can be provided for any of the above add-ons.

Contact Details

Phone: 0419933877

Email: ange@lifechats.com.au

Studio Address:

Key Studio

Shop G1A, Milson Village

48-50 Alfred Street South

Milsons Point 2061